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Road Reality is an automotive blog that caters to the average American driver.  You’ll find a simple review structure, with easy-to-understand facts and figures.  Reviews are intended for people who have to commute regularly, who might also get out on the weekend for a spirited drive.  Besides reviewing cars, this blog hopes to educate the average driver as to what’s going on in the American Automotive Industry.  There will be car previews, the aforementioned reviews, tips (buying, detailing, etc.) and automotive industry predictions.

The author of Road Reality is John Suit.  He lives in the Maryland suburbs outside of Washington, D.C.  He is a self-proclaimed “car nut” who has owned several cars, and test-driven hundreds more, and whose friends and relatives trust him to help them find and buy their own personal vehicles.  He’s been in love with cars for most of his life, and has spent the past several years following the US Automotive Industry, watching its trends and products.  Besides writing Road Reality, John is also a Software Engineer for a private company based in Bethesda, MD.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests (information or a review about a particular car), feel free to email me at the following email address:


Thanks again for stopping by!

John Suit

Editor, Road Reality

Road Reality Staff:

John Suit – Email

Michael A. Valente – Email
Associate Editor and Contributor

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Steve Fransisco and Century Ford in Mt. Airy, MD – Web Site


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  1. Great start! Keep it up.

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